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Millions of homeowners struggle every day to move the sliding door accessing their patio, deck or pool. Their sliding doors have not been easy to open or close for many years. And the recommendations from friends to coat the track with grease, silicone or WD-40 has provided only temporary relief. A lubricant would help if the doors really did slide, but they don’t. Sliding patio doors, produced by hundreds of different manufacturers since the middle of the last century actually roll on wheels. These “rollers” are hidden in the bottom


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Since a sliding patio door always rolls the same distance open and closed, the rollers in the bottom of the door make a complete revolution at the same place on the track consistently.  Now, if over time, a ball bearing in a roller sticks at one point during the revolution, the roller will stop rotating for a split-second and the roller will “slide” along the track for up to an inch before it begins rolling again.  Then, as it again revolves to the same rotation spot, it happens again and again and again.