Mission Statement

To be the best in our field.

To provide the highest quality workmanship and material to repair sliding doors to the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

To provide unparalleled service, cleanliness, safety and efficiency.

To respect our clients, their home and neighboring property.

To accommodate the client’s personal schedule and to anticipate all contingencies in order to arrive at the appointed time.

To operate in a cost-effective manner to maintain competitive pricing.

To honor our guarantee and give priority to clients needing under-warranty work.

To inventory sufficient parts and material to reduce the need for return client visits.

To always maintain a positive personal image and appearance.

To refrain from giving recommendations to clients for other contractors unless we have personally confirmed the quality of their workmanship to be comparable to ours.

To provide positive and timely communication and unquestioned honesty.

To never criticize the prior work of others.

To take pride in our work.