Retractable Screens


A Stow Away™ Disappearing Screen Door is
Custom-Made and Installed just for You.


StowAway Retractable Screens

1.  We take the exact dimensions of your opening.  You choose the door color and screen type.

2.  Your Stow Away™ is custom-made to your specifications and delivered in a few weeks.

3.  During installation our craftsmen make any final adjustments for a perfect look and fit.

You will instantly see and feel the difference of the solid, quiet, and smooth operation.

Creation of New Air Flow Patterns
Typically, a beautiful front door is always closed. A Stow Away™ Retractable Screen Door allows entry doors to be open creating cross ventilation.

A New Ventilation Solution
High R-value doors eliminate the need for storm doors. Gain the Stow Away™ benefits, while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home.

Unobstructed Visibility
A smart solution for a sliding patio door!  The retractable screen stores out of the way so there is a full view through the entire glass.

An elegant solution for French doors! When in use, the retractable screen spans from top to sill without any cross supports. Works for both out-swing and in-swing doors.

Free Up Space in Confined Places
A standard screen door swings open creating an arc of unusable space. A Stow Away™ frees up space on a small deck or porch.

Stow Away™ is a trademark of Stoett Industries