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  Our experience has shown that the elderly have more difficulty opening the sliding door to their patio or balcony than any other door they would encounter shopping downtown.   That’s because all the downtown businesses conform to the A.D.A. requirements that specify no more than five pounds of pressure is required to open or close any door.   We make sliding patio doors complaint with A.D.A. (actually exceeding their requirements) in your own home.  Our special tool shows the results.


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Experts will tell you little things are important to prospective buyers… A neat interior, clean carpeting, a nice kitchen and a pleasant aroma of coffee or cookies. But, there are less obvious areas that are often overlooked… home idiosyncrasies to which you have become accustomed can subconsciously be a turn-off to someone new. You wouldn’t think something that costs only a few bucks to improve could put the kibosh on a sale. But, it can. A squeaking hinge, a toilet that “runs”, a slightly torn screen, an encrusted shower head